Quality Policy

COMTEMP acknowledges as a fundamental tool of its strategy, to have a solid Policy for Quality, Environment, Food Safety, Social Responsibility and Safety and Health at Work, for only thus it can achieve levels of rigor, leading the organization to its success.

This is why COMTEMP defined the following commitments:

  • Promote full satisfaction of our customers present and future expectations by providing quality products that are safe from the point of view of hygiene and food safety;
  • Be a reference in terms of quality in the supply of products;
  • Increase competitiveness over competitors;
  • Implement preventive measures of hygiene and food safety through compliance with the principles of HACCP;
  • Continuously evaluate all processes and monitor the effectiveness of the management system of environmental quality and food safety;
  • Periodically review goals and established goals, always aiming at the prevention, reduction and control of pollution and conservation of natural resources;
  • Develop appropriate Environmental Management Programs that achieve environmental objectives and targets, defined according to the significant environmental aspects;
  • Educate and inform their employees in order to promote the updating and improvement, so that all tasks are performed with quality, productivity, sustainability and security;
  • Permanently engage employees to ensure staff satisfaction, motivation and team spirit, as well as their awareness of the total commitment to quality management systems, environment, food safety and OHS;
  • Comply with and enforce law applied to all areas of company as well as the standards implemented;
  • Ensure that all employees have and use the clothing, footwear and protective equipment;
  • Ensure that all accidents and dangerous occurrences are reported;
  • Respect human rights and in particular, the elimination of child labor and all forms of forced labor;
  • Eliminate the existence of any discrimination at all levels;
  • Provide job opportunities and personal development;
  • Focus on innovation and technological development in order to develop new products with environmental concerns on process and product;
  • Promote and publicize its policy to all employees in order that it is understood;